NSGOM At the Races

In August, inspired by the Marx Brothers and Queen, the Not So Grumpies decided on a day at the races. On arrival at Nottingham Racecourse, we were welcomed by a course official and directed to the Centenary Bar (for its commanding view of the course!), where we began studying the form of the fine stallions and fillies lined up for us, prior to having our lunch of fish and chips. We then proceeded to the Paddock, where there was a collection of old nags and donkeys present, many of which are shown in this photograph.

In true Grumpy style, we searched high and low before deciding on the most appropriate bookmaker (also shown on the photo) with whom to make our fortunes. There followed a most enjoyable and increasingly merry afternoon, during which no-one lost their shirt (although given the various sartorial preferences on show, that might have been a blessing!). We then returned home via bus and tram, continuing our celebrations along the way.
Fairly Grumpy David Jackson

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