NSGOM – Amazon trip

Have you ever wondered how products in your online shopping cart get from Amazon to you? Well, in October, the Not So Grumpy Old Men visited the Amazon Fulfilment Centre at Doncaster to find out.

The Doncaster facility is one of over 50 Fulfilment Centres across Europe and is over 1m square feet of technologically advanced storage space where the barcode is king. From receipt to stowage, picking, packing, labelling, shipping and delivery, everything, is driven by those thick and thin lines. The application of the final despatch labels in the SLAM machine is a joy to behold.

In a Q&A session we learned what happens to the returns and where to buy cheap Amazon products (but it’s our secret!).

On leaving with our goodie bags we made a short trip for our lunch stop before the return home.

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