Notes from the Committee

The meeting was held via Zoom on Wednesday 3rd February 2021 at 10.00 am

1. Apologies were received from Sandra Green and Philip Attenborough.

2. The minutes from the January meeting were agreed.

3. Groups coordinator, Siobhan, reported a new approach for Craft Group 1 who now have a dedicated Facebook page which they use to share ideas.

4. Feedback from members after the January monthly meeting First Aid talk was very positive and the committee were pleased with both the attendance and the quality of the practical presentation.

5. Speaker secretaries, Dianne and Diane, have planned for the February, March and May meetings with April still to be confirmed.

6. The Social Sub Committee have three events planned for 2022 in April, June and September. They meet again on the 4th February to consider ideas for later this year.

7. Webmaster, Angela, welcomes articles for the website which had 3000 ’hits’ in January. She also reminded us of the Hucknall u3a Facebook page which directs viewers to our website. Please look and like.

8. Christine’s treasurer’s accounts for this month show very little change in our finances and currently with the demise of a Barclays branch in Hucknall she is able to use their arrangement with the Post Office to carryout transactions.

9. Melvyn (Vice Chair) reports a new monthly film series starting on the 23rd February, 2021.

10.Greg gave an update on membership renewals currently standing at 305 but increasing daily. A reminder will be sent later this week.

11.Mark, as Business Secretary, summarised the recent Notts Network meeting and that (in common with most charitable organisations) our proposed constitution change to formally allow electronic meetings will be an item at the AGM.

The meeting closed at 11.15 am.

The next Meeting will be held on Wednesday 3rd March,2021 at 10.00 am

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