Not So Grumpies Visit Toyota Plant

16 NSGOMs had a very interesting visit to the Toyota plant at Burnaston on Tuesday 3rd October.
After coffee there was an initial briefing and introduction before we donned hard hat, safety spectacles and an earpiece connected to a receiver.
Boarding a ‘little train’ our party then proceeded to travel through the Press and Paint shops where the use of robotic machinery was an amazing sight. There was a commentary on what was happening and our final destination was the assembly plant where everything was fitted to the completed body shell by humans (known as members in Toyota speak) with impressive skill and speed. A question and answer session ended the visit after which we in true U3A style adjourned for lunch.
Many thanks to John Berrill for organising all aspects of this great day out, however the lack of grumpiness was somewhat disappointing…
The photographs are of the group in the reception area and Dave Insley with a light snack.

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