Not so Grumpies’ Scalextric Visit

In February, the Not So Grumpies motored into Nottingham to try their driving skills (or lack of) on the recently redesigned and extended Scalextric track at the Dragon featuring many of Nottingham’s historic landmarks and locations.  

After free practice in which participants theoretically acclimatised themselves to the circuit, three qualifying rounds were held to determine the six fastest drivers who then raced against each other in the nail-biting final.

To everyone’s surprise, the favourite to win (Senna(Pod)) only managed third place, being soundly thrashed by AlanDenham in second place, and FieryNikiL who, despite a number of allegations of track and grid violations during which a number of rivals were forced off the track, finished in first place. However, despite winning, his overall times fell far below the 10 lap record, set by Claire Balding in the inaugural race following the commissioning of the new circuit, which still remains unbeaten.

After the race, all drivers repaired to the Long Row Social to analyse the race violations, consider their appeals, and partake of much-needed fortifications.

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