Music for Pleasure

The Music for Pleasure group met once again following a short suspension over the summer period. John Peters once again hosted an evening of music and entertaining discussion, with the usual break for refreshments during the evening.

John had chosen music from the 60’s for our entertainment, including songs from a variety of artists from the decade, followed by the Carpenters, whose songs, plus the unique voice of Karen Carpenter, still remain popular today. Then there were some more iconic sounds from Simon and Garfunkle.

We then proceeded to make arrangements for our group Christmas meal, which we will hold at the Nabb Inn. It’s good to know that John will be able to join us this year after being unable to do so last Christmas.

For our next meeting on 30th October it was suggested that we listen to some brass band music, which should prove a lively evening and a nice change from the Christmas carols which will no doubt have started playing in all the shops!

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