Mid-length Walking Group

Our October walk began at Codnor Park Reservoir and twenty walkers set off along Cromford Canal in the direction of the Butterley Tunnel. We left the canal to look at a group of terraced cottages that were built to accommodate the workers who in the mid-1800s were employed in the Butterley foundries. Arriving at the tunnel entrance we climbed up 30 steps and entered the wooded tranquil site of The Golden Valley Woodland Burial Ground.

Returning to the valley, we followed the line of the Midland Railway before turning south, to cross the Golden Valley Light Railway and through Jubilee Wood heading towards Codnor. In this section we came across The Brittain Colliery, had our first sight (for some) of the Jessop Monument and several stiles! Upon reaching Codnor we turned east and headed towards Codnor Castle.

On a ‘slippery’ up-hill section we passed the Ormonde Fields golf course. Emerging onto a road we saw Codnor Castle in front of us; this medieval fortress is a shadow of its former self. The castle’s ghost didn’t make an appearance, but the hilltop elevation afforded us views to the south in the distance of The Misk Hills.

We then made the descent to the Erewash Valley Nature Reserve before turning north to meet Cromford Canal again, which we followed through Codnor Park and back to the reservoir. After this 6.8 mile walk a well-deserved picnic lunch was taken, eagerly watched over by a wide variety of waterfowl!

A very enjoyable walk, led by Ian Raynor and Dave Kay.

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