Mid-Length Walk round Winster

The beautiful village of Winster was the venue for our August walk; it was led by Irene and Teresa. We started with a little history lesson and were shown the Burton Institute building, donated to the village by Joseph Burton (Provisions Merchant). He was brought up in Winster and later named his house in Nottingham, ‘Winster House’. The circular route took us up hill and down through beautiful countryside. Why does there always seem to be more ups than downs is what I want to know? The first part of the route would have been quite muddy, but fortunately for us, many years ago lead miners laid paving stones to assist them on their journey to Mill Close Mine, near Stanton-in-Peak, where most of them worked when the mining boom in Winster ended. However, on one tiny section the stones were covered in two inches of mud and Trish thought it was better to walk around it – the result? – she sank into deep mud, nearly up to her knees!! But then she always does gets quite muddy!! We passed through Birchover and studied the Millennium Stone and had our lunch around the Cork Stone on Stanton Moor. Onwards and still hungry, John G. thought he would go blackberrying, just to fill a little hole! On our return we picked up the stoned path once more – had Trish learned her lesson we wondered?
We finished our day as ever in a pub, this time The Miner’s Standard in Winster and after nearly 6 miles of walking we knew that was the best place to be!
Thank you to Irene and Teresa, all 24 of us had a great day out.
Our next walk will be on Monday 15th September to DOVEDALE

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