Mid-Length 'Nine Ladies' Walk

“NINE LADIES” walk on 19th May
It was such a beautiful day but would it be too hot for a climb up to Stanton Moor from Rowsley? No, we had plenty of delicious cover under the trees as we walked and a light cooling breeze when we reached the top. Nineteen of us enjoyed the pretty woods and meadows covered with spring wild flowers to ogle and birds to listen to on our slow progress up the hill. The trees and bracken had their spring leaves and fans showing their bright yellowish tender green. As we climbed we paused to appreciate the changing scenery. We owe a particular vote of thanks to Albert for giving advice to our glorious leader who had taken the wrong path across the moor, perhaps it was the blooming rhododendrons that took his attention! We were soon back onto our planned route and went on to eat our snap around the Nine Ladies Stone Circle in glorious sunshine. What a great spot to relax against the stone chair backs! During lunch, our guide thought it was a bit disrespectful to sit on the “Ladies” but some wit pointed out that they had weathered three and a half millennia! (It’s actually a small early Bronze Age stone circle, traditionally believed to depict nine ladies who were turned to stone as a penalty for dancing on Sunday! It is part of a complex of prehistoric circles and standing stones on Stanton Moor). Coming back down again was so much easier and quicker than the ascent had been and once back in Rowsley nobody wanted a nice cup of Yorkshire tea – they all rushed with indecent speed into the “Grouse and Claret” and soon emerged with glasses of much needed nectar to be gurgled down. Wow!
Thank you Len – a superb walk.
Our next walk is on: Monday 16th June to Trent Meadows

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