Message from the Chair

Well what a month October was, so much rain, that my dog walking boots have got so wet they are soaked through, stuffed with newspaper drying out. One day after the storms we were walking the dogs, came to a huge puddle, decided to carry on through, and ended up wading halfway up our calves.

If you were fortunate enough not to get wet then, you were lucky.  I pity those that ended up with their homes flooded. There were quite a few places in Hucknall affected, Ogle St., Baker St., and the worst I saw was at the bottom of St Patrick’s Rd., the water so deep, just the tops of cars showing.   Our heart goes out to anyone affected, if you know anyone and can offer any help, then please do if you are able.

Halloween came and went, not sure what your feelings are, they differ so widely, personally I’m not keen, but still ended up carving a pumpkin for my granddaughter.

Trick and treat can be fun for children if managed correctly, but we all know this is not always the case. I suppose I’m being Mr Grumpy.

Our ‘one off’ History talk on Nottingham Castle, was well attended with 70 of us attending. Again, such a clear speaker talking mainly about the refurbishment and the  new set up of the various museum displays and an explanation of the recent problems since Covid. Again a few would have liked to hear more about the actual history of the Castle itself, but still found the talk uplifting and quite a few have said they will be visiting the Castle shortly.

Our Christmas Social on Monday, 4th December, is proving very popular, with only a handful of tickets left.  It will be first come first served at November’s Meeting.

Our preparation for the Eric Coates talk and Media Showcase is well underway for Friday 8th December.   Apologies about the date confusion, but this has now been  finalised, This is instead of our normal monthly meeting and is a free event.

We are still looking for a couple of Committee Members for the next AGM, please don’t be shy, step forward, we cannot function without a committee. If you are unsure, please come and talk to either myself or any committee member.

As always, I look forward to seeing you all at November’s monthly meeting, please try and remember to wear your name badges so that everyone knows who you are, and of course don’t forget to sign out if you leave early.

Melvyn Francis, Chair

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