Message from the Chair

Regretfully I have again not been very active this month, due to my knee and eye. My knee replacement has gone really well, getting about the house, stairs etc., without any crutches, just using them outdoors, so very pleased with progress. Starting attending physio classes next week, so more pain, but hopefully more gain.

Sorry to say, that my retina reattachment didn’t repair and detached itself again, so had to have a second operation on 13th June, took a lot longer than the first, filling the eye with silicon that will have to be removed after about three months and see how my sight is. So only one eye for a bit more.

The NHS is just coming up for its 75th anniversary on 5th July and I am really grateful for its service recently, I just hope that its current problems of staffing, waiting lists, underfunding etc., can be resolved and get back to what it was when we grew up. I remember that when my father died our local GP paid for a holiday for my two younger sisters who were 3 & 9 yrs old, can’t imagine that happening now, don’t even know my doctors name or what he/she looks like.

Having the problems above and having to be basically housebound for three months has really made me appreciate how great it is to belong to our u3a and what an amazing organisation it is, especially those that volunteer to run the groups and activities. I have very much missed being part and joining in with my groups and look forward to taking part again, now that I can eventually get out and about.

Spare a thought please for the many folk that are permanently housebound.

Anyway, it is St. Swithin’s Day on Saturday 15th July, so lets hope that the weather is exceptional and doesn’t rain, otherwise, according to folklore, it will rain for the next 40 days so states the old poem:-

“St. Swithin’s day if thou dost rain, For forty days it will remain, St. Swithin’s day if it be fair, For forty days ‘twill rain no more”

I must congratulate the Sub Social Committee who despite having a few members on holiday or invalided, still put on an excellent Quiz Night on Friday 23rd June, with 15 teams competing, congratulations to the winning team ‘3 Pairs’. The food was also good, so thanks to the caters, a good night out and a good time had by all.

Look forward to seeing you all (out of one eye) at July’s monthly meeting, please try and remember to wear your name badges so that all know who you are, and of course don’t forget to sign out if you leave early,.

Melvyn Francis, Chair

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