Message From the Chair

Several months later than planned, I now find myself writing my final “Message from the Chair”.It has been a totally unprecedented year for all of us and one which will certainly go down in the History books!!

I would like to reflect on the past two years, prior to the Covid-19 situation arising and extend my very sincere thanks to the very many people who have not just given me personal support but have contributed so much to Hucknall and District U3A.

My first thank you goes to all those who have served on the Executive Committee. Much of their work goes unseen on occasions but their hard work and great togetherness is at the heart of the U3A. It has been a pleasure to work alongside such a great team. The Social Committee likewise have worked so hard to provide a rich variety of activities for members.

One member who does go “unseen” much of the time is Steve Lawrence, our Newsletter Editor. Steve works very hard each month to produce an excellent Newsletter, which I know from comments made to me has been particularly appreciated during the recent months, since it has been our one way of reaching all members.

Interest Group Leaders are also at the heart of the U3A and again I cannot thank you enough for your efforts.

Also thanks go to all members who attend our various Interest Groups, Social events and monthly meetings.

Going forward, every U3A is going to face previously unknown challenges in the foreseeable future. These will obviously centre around how the Covid -19 situation evolves, Social Distancing issues, availability of venues, limits on numbers allowed to meet together, finance and probably most significantly the confidence of Members to return to activities. However, I am certain that working together we can hopefully restore our U3A to a strong organisation once more.

Barrie Saunders

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