Message from our Chair

I just wanted to thank all the folk who organised our Christmas Social/Meal on 4th December.  The catering and food were excellent, and of course, not forgetting the entertainment and sing-a-long – really well done all.

Likewise, on Friday 8th December, Maureen’s talk and presentation on Eric Coates and Christine’s Media show were both very professional and entertaining. They were followed by the Cycling group and Fun with Languages ‘skits’, again, very well done.

What a surprise it was waking up to almost four inches of snow on Sunday morning 3rd December.  I really wondered what the rest of December held weather wise, but next day it had all but gone and we were back to cold and wet, although I was pleasantly surprised how mild Christmas Day and Boxing Day were. I have to confess to a childlike liking for snow. Some of us never grow up.

Christmas came and went, a lot of shopping, cleaning and preparing and of course expense and all over literally in a couple of days. We had the whole family round for Christmas dinner, daughters with their partners and grandchildren, nine of us around the table, turkey and roast beef with all the trimmings.  Then we had a party on Boxing Day evening, so somewhat podged with a little bit of a hangover on Wednesday morning. Hey ho, I do like Christmas.

We listened to the King’s message and I was very pleased to hear him speak  on the environment and also his mention of equality to those of all faiths and none. Sadly though we are still a long way from world peace with the wars in Ukraine, Gaza and elsewhere, not just the wars but the massive impact it  has on the worldwide refugee crisis, which doesn’t just affect us in the UK but many, many other countries quite a few a lot worse than us.

As we start a new year I would like to thank all those who have worked so hard for all of us in our u3a, the committee, social sub-committee, group leaders, refreshment providers and the staff at the John Godber Centre, I know that we are all very grateful.

Finally, please remember to vote with the council regarding your concessionary tram tickets, you only have until 7th January to object to losing them, the link is    or go via ACC website

It just leaves me to wish you all a very HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR I look forward to seeing, sharing and working with you all in 2024

God Bless

Melvyn Francis

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