Message from our Chair

“Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat….” too late for me, I’m afraid, already got there, will have to make sure I eat and drink sparingly over the festivities, those that know me, know the chances of that happening!

No  normal monthly meeting this month, however, our Christmas Meal Social on Monday , 4th December and our Special Eric Coates talk and Media Showcase event on Friday 8th are looking good with all tickets sold. Just turn up for the 8th, there is no charge, however, we will be bringing our collection tub should you wish to donate anything to Hucknall Food Bank.

Another year has almost gone and we are all another year older, wonder how many of us are any wiser? We have struggled with the recent inflation and seen costs rise dramatically due to soaring food and energy prices. However, when we look around the world we have so much to be thankful for that we live in a stable country. I cannot imagine the hardship that we are seeing in Gaza and Ukraine at the moment.

There are also currently civil wars happening in many other countries such as Afghanistan, CAR, Ethiopia, Libya, Mali, Somalia, South Sudan and Syria, it is little wonder that Europe is experiencing so many refugees and migrants, and no, I don’t have the answer, and don’t think our politicians do either, just pray that folk could live in together in peace.

Anyway, I trust that you are all planning your Christmases, busy buying and wrapping presents, hopefully most will be invited round for Christmas dinner by family or friends, or if like us, having the family come to join us. If you are on your own, or know someone who will be then please think if you can get invited or invite someone to join you for Christmas dinner. Having said that, I do know some folk enjoy being on their own and welcome a bit of peace and quiet.

Autumn is now well advanced and Winter on the horizon, will it be a white Christmas, it’s certainly getting cold enough!

Many thanks to all who have worked hard this year, the committee, social sub- committee, group leaders and every one for taking such an active part.   I just want to wish you all a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR.

God Bless

Melvyn Francis

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