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The start of the new year found 24 of us taking part in our latest City walk photo quiz, looking for a total of 28 building and architectural features scattered across the City Centre area. Some of the features were quite difficult to find, and the winning team was decided on a tie-break question.

As we have found on our previous events, there is a wealth of features to be seen around Nottingham, but generally they are only noticed when looking upwards or walking slowly! 

We concluded with the judging and eating taking place at the Three Crowns pub on Upper Parliament Street, where the buffet proved to be very welcome, and slightly too much for even our seasoned eaters! 

We are planning another in our series of City walks, probably in March, which will take in areas towards the east and south of the City Centre. In the meantime, our next walk will be on Monday, 19th February.

If you enjoy walks of around 6 – 7 miles and are not currently a member of the group, just use the contact form below – new members are always welcome.

John Tedstone

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