Medium Walks

Our March walk proved to be considerably drier than our February excursion, and on much firmer ground, when we set off on our third Nottingham City walk.

Starting from the High School tram stop, we set off through the Arboretum, pausing to hear a bit about the history of Nottingham High School, which was founded as Nottingham Free School in 1513.

We then followed the route of the Inclosures of the 1840s, along Elm Avenue and Corporation Oaks, gaining height to the reservoir at St Ann’s Hill, where there are good views to the south and west of the City.

We were nearly derailed by the planned coffee stop at the Chase community centre being closed, but found a good café in the rejuvenated Sneinton Market area.

Continuing to Sneinton, we paused at Notintone Place, at the birthplace of William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army. The house is tucked away out of sight, but we were spotted on CCTV by the site manager, who very helpfully opened up so that we were able to have a look round the museum.

Continuing via Green’s Mill, which is currently minus its sails, we carried on through Sneinton, then finally following the railway back to London Road and the Nottingham – Beeston canal, noting on the way the large amount of building work for new student accommodation.

Our City walks have opened up areas which were previously unknown to many of our members, and combined with good public transport, there are many possibilities for an interesting half-day.

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