Lunch Group 2016 Plans

The Lunch Group meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 12 noon (unless otherwise stated) at a different restaurant each month.  The menus vary in price and content but hopefully average out over the year at a reasonable cost.  It is an opportunity for members to meet together socially and try out different restaurants which, as individuals, they may not have had the chance to try before.  We always have a quiz which is usually related to the venue or its theme.  We hope you will find something of interest to your “taste” and look forward to meeting up with you each month.
I know it’s much too early to be thinking about NEXT Christmas but I have to book the Panto early to make sure we get the seats we want.  However, I note from the Nottingham Playhouse website that on our normal Wednesday in December (21st) they have changed the performance time to a 1 pm start which of course clashes with our Albert Hall lunch start of 12 noon.  The Albert Hall only does this one pre-panto lunch and as we are a LUNCH group not a Theatre group I have decided to book the lunch as normal (ie. Wednesday, 21st December at 12 noon at the Albert Hall) and forego our visit to the panto that week.
However I am happy to book the Panto for another matinee as a group, as the Playhouse have some matinees at 2.30 pm and others at 1 pm “to suit some of their customers’ requirements” as they put it!
So, if you would like to go to just the lunch let me know later in the year but if you would like to go to the Panto as a “one off” then the matinees are usually on each Wednesday during November and December.  I will check the U3A calendar to try and make sure any date we pick does not clash with any other U3A group activity. I know this is disappointing for those regulars who like to make a day of it as our Lunch Group Christmas get together but unfortunately it is out of my hands.
On 27th January we dined at the Westminster Hotel, Mansfield Road, Nottingham. We were made extremely welcome and the food was very good. It was lovely to have linen tablecloths and napkins! The “Letter W” quiz was won by Jean Cragg and Siobhan Lee with a magnificent 23 out of 25 points!
The next three venues will be 24th February at The Little John, Ravenshead, 23rd March at Oakmere Golf Club, Oxton, and 27th April at The Carnarvon, Teversal. A deposit of £5 per venue is required please and your menu choices too (see this website).

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