Long Walks

Our latest foray into the wilds was a trip to Darley Dale.  We met at the Square and Compass at Darley Bridge for a walk of 8.77 miles.  It was a gorgeous day, in fact a bit too gorgeous as it was quite hot, but after the weather we have had previously I am not moaning. 

We set off across the fields and then walked alongside the River Derwent to the village of Rowsley.  We then walked onto the Heritage Mill where we had a coffee stop.  We crossed fields to woodland and walked up to the atmospheric, Nine Ladies stone circle, a relic from the Neolithic Age and 4000 years old, where we had lunch. 

We then walked over Stanton Moor which was beautiful as it was covered with Heather.  We walked through Clough Wood, which was welcome as we were shaded from the Sun and back to Darley Bridge.  We all had a well earned rest and a pint in the Square and Compass before heading home.  A very nice day and a good walk, which we all enjoyed.  

There is room in the group for more people so you are welcome to join a warm and friendly bunch of Ramblers.

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