Long Walking Group

On 2nd August, we had a lovely walk in Sherwood Forest, fortunately we didn’t meet any outlaws – a few in-laws perhaps! It was 8 miles, easy and very flat on decent trails; we passed many very ancient oak trees, saw Edwins Stowe which marks the spot where St. Edwin’s chapel once stood. the Centre Oak and finally the Major Oak. It was a good day for walking and we all had a good chat and picnic; everyone enjoyed it.

It would be nice to see a few more members; if you can walk 6 miles in the medium walks group you can walk 8 miles in the Long Walks Group, we are a very friendly bunch.

The next walk will be ‘Nene valley and Old Sulehay Forest’, again, approximately. 8 miles.

So please contact me using the form below or email me at longwalks@hucknallu3a.org.uk


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