Litter Picking Group

Fifteen bags of litter have been collected in our area by the group during October. There is always plenty more so if anyone else would like to join the group and give us some help please feel free to contact me either by telephone or by email at

We do not meet on specific days, some members prefer to litter pick on their own near to home, others litter pick in pairs and if there is a particular problem in an area we get together as a group which serves the purpose of collecting the litter and also flying the flag for Hucknall & District u3a.

We have distinctive tabards which are provided along with the basic stick, hoop holder and bags. Filled bags can be left for collection next to council waste bins. Litter picking is not an arduous task but sometimes you find that once you start you just can’t stop so end up walking further than intended! One of the most gratifying things about it though is when members of the public stop and thank you for what you are doing or motorists pip their horns and give you the thumbs up as they pass by. A little praise and encouragement goes a long way.

Val Gant

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