Litter Picking

Despite the awful weather in October members of the litter picking group still managed to collect 26 bags of rubbish – but do you know what they do with it? Well, normally they leave the rubbish all correctly bagged up by the side of the council litter bins so that the bin collectors can take it when they empty the bins.

However, the council litter bins are gradually disappearing and despite messages to the council by various litter pickers no response has been forthcoming. We’re quite sure they’re not being stolen for scrap metal otherwise the contents of the bins and the bags of rubbish at the side of them would be left behind which they’re not, so if any of you u3a amateur detectives out there can shed any light on ‘The Case of the Disappearing Litter Bins’ I would be very grateful if you would let me know!

Val Gant

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