Latest Delivery Scam

A new delivery scam impersonating the Post Office is one of the most convincing clone websites.

Here’s what you need to watch out for. A recent survey found that three in five of us have been targeted by scam delivery texts, typically using Royal Mail, DPD and Hermes branding.

This time, the scammers are targeting the Post Office. There are variations of fake texts claiming that a parcel delivery has failed, asking recipients to click the link to ‘book a new date’ or ‘reschedule a delivery’ via two sites that have nothing to do with the Post Office.

Clicking the links takes you to extremely convincing Post Office clones, shown below. The websites were only set up early in January, and all other information has been ‘redacted for privacy’ – always treat new sites that hide information with suspicion. The first step of the scam is to invite you to enter your postcode before asking for your full name, delivery address, email address, date of birth and mobile number. This information is fed directly to scammers who could use it to commit identity fraud.

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