JGC – An update on the Centre Defibrillator

I’m pleased to share that a portable defibrillator has been purchased to be used in the building thanks to funding raised from the Hucknall U3A and an anonymous donor.

The defibrillator chosen allows for the use for children and adults without the need to change pads. There is a switch on the device to change quickly between adult and paediatric mode which in an emergency situation could save crucial time and anxiety to the user than having to change physical pads. 

We give a huge amount of thanks to the U3A and to our anonymous donor, they have enabled us to purchase this lifesaving piece of equipment that we hope we’ll never need to use but have the peace of mind that it is to hand if ever needed. For our level of usage in the Centre for various age groups and range of activities this particular defibrillator will be ideal to have. As a registered charity, as for many, times are challenging and this kindness to help us be able to have this vital piece of equipment for the many people who use the building is greatly appreciated. We’re so humbled by the fund-raising efforts and donations of those involved in our wonderful community, without them this wouldn’t have happened.

The U3A Science group, which is one of many groups who use the Centre, took on the challenge of researching the range of defibrillators to help narrow down the choices and the item was purchased from the British Heart Foundation.

Currently the unit is housed in the Centre office with the first aid kit and further funding will be sought to purchase an external cabinet to house the defibrillator so it can be more easily accessed for the wider community.

The defibrillator has been registered with East Midlands Ambulance Service who will arrange training for the Centre team and volunteers free of charge.  If you would like to be notified of the training date, please let us know, you’d be very welcome to join us when the demonstration is arranged.  I hope this update may offer you some comfort knowing there is a unit nearby.  

The portable defibrillator in the safe hands of Val Kelly

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