Hucknall Christmas Tree Festival 2016

The festival runs from Wednesday 7th pm to Saturday 10th December at 11.30am in the Parish Church. It is a community event in which we are proud to be a part.
This year we have not got one of these:
As we are trying something different.
Coordinated by the Cycle group and thanks to the welding skills of John Gibson, the decorative skills of Sue Gibson and the creative skills of many group members we are submitting our entry called : ‘The Cycle of Life’.
We have had an amazing and wonderful response from the Interest Groups.
The ideas and creativity of the decorations have to be seen in 3 dimensions to be really appreciated. The photograph of the almost complete tree does not do it justice but conveys the idea.
More group decorations have been received since the photographs was taken and it is enhanced by white decorative lights.
Please take the time to visit the festival and if you think it deserves it vote for the Hucknall U3A Cycle of Life Tree.

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