History Programme

February 21  Members Meeting.
DATES IN HISTORY –  Would members choose a date in British history, research it and tell what they have found?  They might pick a date we all know such as 1066 (Battle of Hastings); 1952 (Elizabeth ll became Queen); 1854 Crimean War; or those a bit less common such as 1870 (Education Act); 1620 (Pilgrim Fathers sail to America).  There is plenty of history to discover; choose your own favourite date.
Please bring cash/cheques to pay for the Cresswell Crags visit.  £15 per person
March 21  A talk requested by members.  Peter Hammond is coming to give a talk and presentation about Albert Ball who was a Great War pilot.
April 4 Visit to Cresswell Crags which will include on site exhibition, a special one hour talk and a guided tour round the caves.  Coach leaves Hucknall Market at 11.30am
May 16 Visit to Blists Hill Museum and Ironbridge Gorge
June 20 Visit for a tour of Nottingham Caves from the Broadmarsh Centre.
Please note that for excursions sensible shoes should be worn due to uneven ground.
Please don’t forget you can contact me if you need help with your family history at any time.

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