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The History Group always welcomes all U3A members. Our indoor meetings are held at Central Methodist Church on the 3rd Wednesday of the month commencing at 2pm. Money paid for the trip to Richard lll will be safe in the U3A bank until we can re-arrange later on. We are starting fresh in September (X fingers) Watch this space!

I look forward to seeing everyone but in the meantime please take care and stay safe.


This story is about two bottles one found on a walk and another in a garden. The question was could I help with any information?

The first one looked like a pint sized bottle and had a circle on the outside – inside which was printed G. Walters, Dairyman, Hucknall. I had never heard of a Walters in this trade but looked through my directory copies dating back 150 years and eventually found a listing. The directories of 1925, 1928 and 1941 note G. Walters, Dairyman, at No.2 Carlingford Road. It seemed an unusual place for a dairy. Surprisingly I found nothing else so if you know any more about this business or are related to the family I would like to know.

The second bottle pint sized had Wyatt & Co., Brewers, Hucknall, Notts. embossed on the glass. Directories first mentioned this business in 1910 giving W. Whyatt & Co., Botanic Beer Manufacturers, 51, Co-operative Avenue. The census for 1911 tells us that William Whyatt with wife Millicent, sons Sydney and Percy and daughter Kate were all born Hucknall Torkard and lived at 51, Co-op. Ave. By 1925 Percy and Sydney were running the business as herbal brewers and this carries on up to my last directory copy in 1941. I was interested enough to search for this family in earlier years discovering that William Whyatt was a butcher in 1891 living with his family on Watnall Road. By 1901 William was a brewer living on Woollaton Street. Do any of you remember drinking these botanical beers? I did enjoy the Dandelion & Burdock but didn’t like the Horehound which was known in Hucknall lingo as ‘orahnd’. It did seem quite a change for the family from butchering to brewing. Can you tell members more about the family? Do you have any of these, or other, Hucknall bottles?

SOURCES:– Kelly’s and White’s Directories and census returns from findmypast online.

Isn’t it surprising though what you can discover from a small clue?

Digital News. The British Museum is showing a digital collection while the museum is closed. Check out britishmuseum.org/collection.

This information came from Frank Donald:-
Saturday 23rd May was the 80th anniversary of the evacuation of 20th Guards Brigade and supporting troops from Boulogne by the 19th Destroyer Flotilla. Ships taking part were HMS Keith (Captain D J Simson), HMS Whitshed (Commander E Conder), HMS Wild Swan, HMS Windsor, HMS Venetia, HMS Venomous, HMS Vimiera, and HMS Vimy (which was later adopted by Hucknall during Warships Week). Altogether 4500 troops were rescued under fire.

For further information please see:

http://vandwdestroyerassociation.org.uk/Operations/Boulogne.html and


T.T.F.N. Maureen Newton

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