History Group 2016 Programme

On Wednesday February 17th a speaker, Stephen Flinders, has been booked. His presentation is called “Terror from the Skies” which is quite apt for the centenary of the Great War. The March meeting is again in house for a “Bring and Tell”.
On 20th January 2016 it was an ‘in house’ meeting. Members were requested to choose a person from history, research their lives and tell others what they have discovered. Those chosen were Lady Carnarvon, Rudyard Kipling, Grace Darling, Caroline Haslett, Thomas Hawksley, Watson Fothergill and F.C. Smith’s wife. Thank you so much to everyone who spoke. The group aims to do this again in September.
The group has booked a trip to Bletchley Park on April 20th. If any members would like to join us please contact me at the main meeting on February 10th.
Maureen Newton

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