Grumpy Old Men

For their March visit, the Grumpy Old Men set off for North Nottinghamshire, to the Holocaust Visitor Centre at Laxton.

This was a thought-provoking visit – we started off with a video presentation and after a coffee break, went on to the main exhibition, which is set out in the form of a long underground tunnel. We then heard the testimony of a holocaust survivor, who was born in Holland in 1943. In keeping with the times, this was via Zoom on a large screen. There were several large groups of schoolchildren visiting who were also listening, and they were joined remotely by a school in Torquay.

There was a lot to take in, and more than one visit is really needed to do justice to the centre. We were told that funding is available to enhance the museum further in the near future; although the start of the exhibition is accessed by stairs down, a full disabled access lift is available to visitors.

John Tedstone

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