Group Leaders’ Meeting

We held a meeting for Group Leaders at the end of February and our committee came along too.

We have 46 groups in our u3a, which are led by 36 people and the majority of them attended the meeting. They do a great job on our behalf, and this isn’t always an easy job.

We looked at the updated u3a ‘Guidance for Group Leaders’, with input from our Chairman, Membership Secretary, Business Secretary and Treasurer. Group Leaders were given the opportunity to ask questions on Membership, our u3a administration system (Beacon), Health and Safety and the Financing of groups.

We then divided into 5 groups to look at 6 hypothetical scenarios. They were based on potential problems that might occur in a group. They certainly created some lively discussion and as there was no right or wrong answer everyone took part!!

It was good to meet, and we plan to come together again in the summer.

Sue Tedstone (Groups’ Coordinator)

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