Fun with Languages

Our meeting in November went well and we continued with the Ma France course revising directions and places in France; also completing a crossword on French place names. It is great to see many of you zooming but there is always room for more!

Our next meeting of Zoom will be on Thursday 10th December at 10.30 am when we shall continue with Ma France and also play the guess what? xmas items the group are preparing to share. On the 10th December also at 7.00 pm we are having a Zoom drinks and nibbles session for an hour with a game so we can wish each other a happy Christmas. Sadly, you will have to provide your own drinks etc on this occasion!

If you are not into Zooming or are unable to join us, we still wish you and yours a happy and safe Christmastime. We hope we can meet some time during 2021, but we shall have to see how things work out.

Love Liz and Ann xx

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