February Long Walk

Following on from our talk at the monthly meeting in January, which I think everyone enjoyed and found very interesting, I decided that we should walk around Newstead and Annesley Country Park and see for ourselves. So with that in mind we walked over the Misk Hills and on to Annesley Forest, around the country park and down the old disused railway line to Linby, back through Dobbs Park and over the Misk Hills to  a welcome pint in the Nabb Inn.  The walk was 9.99 miles and the conditions were good for the time of year.  

We are a friendly group and would welcome new members, we normally walk between 8-9 miles, I would like to dispel the myth that this group is the equivalent to an S.A.S training march, we walk at the same pace as the Mid-Walking group, just a little further. We have a Coffee break and a lunch break we always have a back marker so no one can get left behind, if any one needs a break then that’s fine and if there is anything interesting or someone wants to take a photo that’s fine as well.#

I look forward to seeing you all!


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