Easier Cycling Group

The inaugural meeting of our new group has now taken place and we agreed that the first ride will be on Friday 13th September, starting at Hucknall Leisure Centre at 09.00 am, and then every Friday at the same time and place.

We will go out on rides lasting no more than about 2 ½ hours, including the coffee stop! We will try and keep off-road as much as possible, but some roads (and hills) are inevitable. You just need to have a bike in good condition, a cycle helmet and preferably some hi-vis clothing. We will try not to be put off by the weather, but will not ride when road surfaces are unsafe for any reason.

The original ‘Easy Wheelers’ cycling group is one of Hucknall U3A’s first groups; it has expanded over the years and now does some longer runs each month, so the Easier Cycle group is an alternative which should be enjoyable exercise for us.

If you want any more information, contact Irene using the form below:-

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