Committee Meeting May 2018

The committee met on May 2nd 2018. Barrie welcomed the new committee members, Angela Cornish the Webmaster, Sandra Green the Minutes Secretary and Mark Jackson the Business Secretary. There were no apologies.

It was agreed that Andy Smart the speaker at the AGM was an excellent choice. The minutes of the AGM were agreed and 197 members attended the meeting. Speakers are currently booked for the remainder of the year.

Angela the new webmaster appreciated the support from Sue Spolton during the transition. She suggested that we update the Policies and Documents section of the website adding the Hucknall U3A constitution and the AGM minutes. Some Interest Groups website information would also benefit from updating.

The financial accounts for March, previously circulated, were discussed and Christine reports a slight increase in room hire charges at both JGC and the Leisure Centre. She is also in a dialogue with the bank around a form of online banking as many of our providers are moving away from cheques.

Philip, the Equipment manager confirmed that we keep a record of all our equipment and its whereabouts.

David is currently setting up some workshops and ‘one session’ interactive talks to complement the Interest Groups and the monthly speaker.

Siobhan supported Angela’s observations about some group information being dated and will comment on this at the Group Leaders meeting tomorrow Thursday 3rd at 12.30 when the guidance booklet will be made available to all group leaders.

Marguerite reported that membership stands at 453 with 11 on the waiting list. 16 new members joined last month and Alan Snape has been busy with support and guidance for them. The database of members is planned to be password access only.

Mark has been researching Data Protection and the Beacon System adopted by several U3A’s. More information on this will be available at a later date after some committee members have been shown some elements of Beacon as used by Carlton and Gedling U3A. Mark, Siobhan and Marguerite took part in a ‘Keeping it Legal’ training event in Birmingham on the 1st May.

Discussions about possible changes to the format of the monthly were initiated and will continue in subsequent months.

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