‘June is busting out all over’ … It’s going to be much easier to sing with the sun shining, although the weather won’t put off anyone who likes to sing, they just may not do it with quite the same brio. Now that we can begin to see the possibility of actually meeting up again, (to me Covid has seemed a bit like being pregnant, you know it must end, but it doesn’t seem absolutely real until there are definite signs of it happening).

I wonder if anyone else would like to consider joining the choir? You could always come to see what we do, join in or watch. Get in touch nearer the date of our recommencing and we can arrange it. It would be a good time for anyone new to choir singing, and lacking confidence, to give it a go, as we aren’t back yet and it’s already been fourteen months since we sang together, so we’re going to be rusty! Hope to see you all before too long.

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