Choir – ‘Ring and Sing’

Would anyone like a sung birthday, or other, greeting over the ‘phone for anyone? A group of choir members are willing to ‘Ring and Sing’ a greeting, in response to requests. The initiative is in response to our awareness that many lockdown birthdays have passed without much acknowledgement or celebration, some in solitude. As our outings are still restricted, and may be for some time, a call may still be appreciated, or it may be appreciated at any time. The knowledge that someone is thinking of us is usually welcome. If you would like to request a greeting for someone, or yourself, please contact me in writing to avoid errors. The best way is via the website form, (under ‘News’ select ‘Choir’ and the form is within the text on the left). If you don’t have email, perhaps someone would send the email for you or a note could be handed to me at a meeting. We should need the name and ‘phone number to ring, the date and description of the event and, in case of a query, your name and contact details. On the day someone will ring and sing a simple greeting, ‘Happy Birthday to You’ or similar, and could pass on a short goodwill message. To all those members who have had a quiet lockdown birthday, we send belated good wishes, and if ‘Ring and Sing’ proves popular perhaps you can catch us next year! (Please remember, we are choir members, not soloists, but prepared to have a go)

During this month we had a small music test, to recognize lyrics from songs in our repertoire. If you’d like to test yourselves the list is below, and as you don’t have our music you can have the extra information the choir weren’t given, there are seven songs featured. Only one member who responded got them all, so well done, Marilyn, that was brilliant, as even Google wasn’t a help with the one that proved a problem.

Here are the lyrics, I hope they encourage you to sing along: ‘Far, far away someone was weeping, never’ve I once looked back to sigh over the romance behind me so I made up my mind it must come to an end. Near, far, wherever you are, when you’re chewing on life’s gristle, don’t grumble, give a whistle, lie warm in thy nest, by moonbeams caressed. I know such enchantment can be, ‘cause it happened one evening to me.’ (If you have a go and are stuck and would like to know any, you could email me via the form below, now that I’ve belatedly become aware of it!) Take care.

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