Last month a choir member carried out our first sung greeting, to mark a birthday, using our new Ring and Sing service. Apparently it was enjoyed by both the recipient of the good wishes, and the singer. Well done to our brave first singer, it takes courage to sing alone into a telephone, to what could be an unknown U3A member. Feel free to request a greeting if you’d like it, or know someone who would, there is an email form for requests below (we would need to know a date, reason for the celebration, any greeting you would like conveyed, the recipient’s telephone number, and your ‘phone number would be helpful, for speed in case of queries). We would give the name of the sender with a greeting. It appears our celebrations may be quiet affairs for a while longer, so a friendly voice with a happy greeting could be welcome.

If choir members would like to practise something from our repertoire we have at least one very suitable song for the season, Autumn Leaves. We haven’t done it recently (for a long time before the lockdown) so perhaps we could all have a go. We can think of each other as we make plenty of noise singing alone. Take care, and we’ll see each other when we can. Nothing lasts forever, even if it begins to feel a little like it.

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