Choir – 16th January 2019

Important reminder for members: Our next meeting is at 11.30 am on January 16th, 2019 at the John Godber Centre – this will be our final meeting at the Centre. We shall finalise details for the move and, if there are any additional queries, deal with those. From then on we shall meet at our new venue. We have been very fortunate to be offered the new venue, we have been struggling financially due to absences, this offer is enabling us to continue.

To confirm, and for the benefit of those members absent from the last meeting, our new venue is to be Sherwood House, Linby, the days and times of our meetings remain the same, parking is available and free.

Advance notice: our first meeting at Sherwood House will be at 1.30 pm on the 6th February,2019 and, as the doors are kept locked and need opening for each visitor, we have been asked to make a practice of entering together. I suggest we all arrive before 1.20pm and enter then.

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