Our notification requesting assistance with the choir is now out there in the NG15 magazine. Our copy hasn’t arrived yet, but a choir member has received hers and has confirmed that the advertisement has been included. You can check it for yourself if you can find it! It will be small, they were willing to spare me only an eighth of a page, but it was free, so I was happy to accept. The run-up to Christmas, when everyone is busy, isn’t the best time to ask for help, but someone may have time on their hands and be pleased to spend it with us. Volunteers may be more receptive during the quiet time at the beginning of the year, but having missed the August issue, this is what we were offered, and I didn’t think we should wait a further three months (I think it’s a quarterly magazine). Someone may be available and get in touch now, but if we don’t get a response we must hope that the request is seen in one of the publications later, as I have run out of ideas for seeking help!

If you hear of anyone with the necessary skills who’d enjoy spending a few hours a month guiding our group, please point them in my direction.

As the choir is unable to sing this greeting, I’ll pass on our good wishes. 🎵 ‘We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year’🎶 and to all choir members too, ‘Best wishes for a Happy and Peaceful Christmas’.

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