Brave Cyclists!

February has been a relatively reasonable month for our regular Wednesday outings albeit rather muddy, cold and windy at times. Well done to the hard core riders who have been turning out to brave the elements.
This month our rides have included the ‘Kimberley,’‘Phoenix Park,’ ‘Newstead Trail/Lakeside’ and the ‘Moorgreen/Felley Priory’ routes.
Showing exemplary commitment our Hon Chairman has recently invested in a brand new super cycle and once again is leading by example. There was no hope for the previous bike when both stabilisers gave up just before Christmas.
In common with all elite cyclists in training our sessions always include a social stop at a cafe or tearoom, any suggestions for new venues would be appreciated.
Several members are already registered for the ‘Great Notts Bike Ride’ 50miles route on June 21st and there will be some longer and possibly additional training rides in the spring and early summer.
David and Irene

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