A Good Day's Fishing!

A first dedicated fishing day for a small group of U3A members took place on Friday July 24th at Oak Tree Lakes at Brinsley. This is a small 2 lake venue surrounded by trees and is tucked away in a quiet part of the village.
It was a cool day for July and it did rain for most of the morning but we soldiered on regardless. Venue regulars Alan Newton and Terry Smith showed the way with number of fish and Terry teased out 2 hard fighting carp both of which weighed over 10lbs.
Despite what the uninitiated might think successful anglers are technically skilled, adaptable to conditions, know which method to use and how to do it well.
I learnt from watching Alan and Terry using the right methods for this lake. We all caught, but fishing is not just about catching however. It is a pleasure to be out observing a range of bird and animal life. We see kingfishers, herons, reed buntings, warblers, terns and if you are near the Trent there are the occasional otters and mink prowling the bankside.
It made a good day out in good company.
David Rose

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