A Different Scientific Experience

Science 2 November 17h Meeting
This month will be something a little different.
‘When Art and Science collide- a collaboration’
Nottinghamshire artist Roger Crooks has recently completed some paintings based around the development of science from Isaac Newton and his Laws of Motion and Gravity to the present day .This includes aspects of quantum physics and ‘String Theory’.
Followers of the long running show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ probably know that this is understood by Sheldon and Stephen Hawking but not by most of us. String theory addresses one of the deepest problems of contemporary physics, namely the reconciliation of gravity and quantum theory unifying the gravitational force with the forces of our standard model of elementary particle physics. Hence the link from Newton to today.
No previous knowledge is necessary and John Tedstone has kindly offered to lead the session and Roger will talk about his work leading to some creative group participation.
Please come along to enjoy a different scientific experience.
David Rose

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