Weekenders’ Group

No group activities of course but we had a virtual Coffee Club cuppa at 2 pm on Saturday, 25th April. We have all kept in touch with one another and I did send out a Weekenders April Newsletter to those on email, with a request for copies to be run off and posted through the doors of those not on email. Hope you all received them.

Two Weekenders have become grannies again in the same week during April – congratulations – but of course they are not yet able to meet their new relations. One member had a lovely holiday in New Zealand and fortunately got back just in time for lockdown; at least she has the lovely photos to remind her of her holiday. Another member has started a patchwork quilt which will be a lovely heirloom for someone someday. The rest of us have had to just deal with the mundane jobs which have to be done but at least we had good weather in which to do them. Although the first week of May doesn’t look too good weather-wise, let’s hope things improve further into spring. Several Weekenders had birthdays this month but of course we could not celebrate them at our usual Broomhill Birthday lunches but we hope they had good birthdays despite this. So, let’s have another virtual Coffee Club cuppa at 2 pm on Saturday, 29th May instead.

Keep in touch and keep safe!

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