COVID and restarting U3A Interest Groups

Covid and U3A Interest Groups and Activities as at 24.08.20

A summary of the current situation in relation to the U3A guidelines on restarting ‘face to face’ activities.

Individual Responsibilities

Before any individual member decides to take part in any activity they must first consider their own unique situation. As an age group we are generally classed as vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19 and some members will have some health issues which compound that. It is therefore essential that during this pandemic it is important for all U3A members planning to participate in an activity or interest group to consider their own personal health circumstances before taking part.

U3A Personal Members’ Activity Checklist – (Pre-attendance

1) All participants to review their own personal health and circumstances and refer to the NHS Website in England, Wales or Scotland for further information if you are at higher risk of getting seriously ill from coronavirus.

2) Consider the health risk category of anyone else you are living with in your household.

3) Review the risk check list for the activity you intend to take part in – completed by your U3A group organiser and consider if it is the right decision for you to take part without adverse risk to yourself or household at this time.

4) Do not take part if you or someone else from your household has covid-19 symptoms – these include a high temperature, a new continuous cough and the loss, or a change to your sense of smell or taste.

U3A advice in relation to restarting activities August 24th 2020
As you may be well aware the following would are subject to change in line with Government and U3A National guidelines

NOTE: In any context where larger numbers of people may be able to come together for organised activities or to take part in risk assessed activities in Covid-19 Safe Premises, no more than 30 people can attend.

In all venues it is important to ensure they are Covid-Secure, adopt a Covid-Secure approach to usage and that you follow their guidance for use. Covid-Secure means that the venue has carried out a Covid-19 risk assessment that demonstrates its use can meet social distancing and hygiene recommendations.
Note: The John Godber Centre has achieved Covid -secure status.

In addition, it is recommended that all members visiting a third-party venue have and use their own personal hand sanitiser, wear gloves in areas of multiple use, and wear a mask where appropriate.
Do not share any refreshments of any nature.

Sedentary Interest Group Activity
Interest groups such as social sciences, languages or any other topic that does not require sharing or handling items should follow these guidelines.
Group Leaders must:
• Complete a written assessment of how many participants can attend the venue whilst ensuring social distancing is maintained in line with Covid-19 guidance provided by the venue
• Advise members that all materials required in the session must be brought by themselves to the session and used individually e.g. books or similar materials must not be shared.
• Any devices used to show a recording must be operated by one person and they should be wiped with appropriate anti-virus wipes before and after use.
• If venue chairs/ tables are being used, check with hall providers how these are sanitised before and after use.

Outdoor Active Interest Groups
Prior to commencing walking/cycling groups, a Group Leader must:
• Record an assessment of how the walk/cycling interest group will comply with the Covid guidelines which are:
• Groups must have a plan in place to limit group size up to 30 people.
• Groups must have a record of who has attended the activity to support contact tracing.
• Groups must follow the government guidelines on physical distancing.
• A risk assessment is completed for each walk/ride
• All members participating in the walking/cycling to be advised how they must comply with the Covid guidance when participating in the walk/ride.

For all activities:
Prior to the interest group meeting the Group Leader must:
• Remind members of hygiene requirements, for example, to bring hand sanitizer, face masks and not to share refreshments.
• Ask each member to complete details of registration for the session for track and trace which must be kept by the Group Leader/Convenor for a minimum of 21 days
• Remind members not to participate if they are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms
• Ensure the risk assessment of the activity is up to date
Overall it is a matter of each of us exercising common sense in minimising risk to ourselves and others.

David Rose on behalf of the Hucknall and District U3A Committee

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