Fun with Languages

This group is exactly what it says – it is having fun and enjoying learning different languages. It is not a high powered language course, but ‘getting by on holiday’ in whatever country you may visit.

We began about 4/5 years ago with German, Spanish, French and Italian and spent 3 sessions per year on a rolling course, with revision. Later the group wanted to drop German, and this year, after continuing on Zoom throughout Covid, the group decided to move on with Spanish and French (these were voted in by the group. This may change as times goes on).

As a group we meet in the John Godber Centre Byron Suite every 2nd Thursday of the month, 10.30 am till 12 noon. We have a variety of learning methods and role play always causes much laughter.

New people are always welcome to join in and have a go. Learning a language is proven to be good in keeping one’s brain active. We sometimes have meals or an outing together too.

The group is a happy one and we look forward to welcoming you if you wish to come along.
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