A quiet month, without news of choir members, but no news is good news. I assume all our members are fit and well, enjoying their usual health. After all the lovely weather we’ve had, and I hope you’ve been making the most of it, I am writing this on a very dull day, so at least we are getting variety in the weather. More freedom, if you feel it’s appropriate to take it, the beaches should be quiet today, but personally I am biding my time to see how things go.

Last month our choir member, Margaret, proved she was familiar with the music of her youth, she was the only member to recognize all four of the songs from the words of the first line. Well done again, Margaret, you are rapidly becoming the one to beat. If anyone else wants a ‘go’, the lyrics were,

1) My tears are falling ‘cos you’ve taken her away…….
2) I’m a gonna raise a fuss, I’m a gonna raise a holler….
3) When you see a gentleman bee round a lady bee buzzin’….
4) I’d like to thank the guy who wrote the song that made my baby fall in love with me….

And here’s a joke I thought they may enjoy, and perhaps you too, I love it..

‘I was visiting my daughter last night, when I asked if I could borrow a newspaper.
“This is the twenty-first century”, she said, “we don’t waste money on newspapers. Here, use my iPad.”

I can tell you this, ……..that fly never knew what hit him!’

Take care, stay well, and cheerful.

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