'Not So Grumpies'

March 15th saw the ‘Not So Grumpies’ in the news, with a fascinating visit to the BBC Nottingham studio. Our guides for the trip were studio managers Jo and Brooke, who explained the various operations prior to taking the group on a tour of the news room and studios.
They effectively tried to shield presenters from the NSGrumpies (although this didn’t prevent Vaughan from attempting to abduct sports presenter Natalie Jackson!).
After gate crashing Verity Cowley’s Drive Time show, we were taken into the studio control room (and swiftly ushered out again as a precaution in case anyone was tempted to play with the controls!).
Finally, we managed to meet weather presenter Anna Church in the ‘East Midlands Today’ studio, as shown in the attached photo, where she clearly told us which way the wind blew!
David Jackson

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