Monthly Meeting via Zoom September 2020

The online Zoom Monthly Meeting – 10.00 am, September 9th, 2020.

Agenda: Part 1

1. Welcome to the meeting – David Rose

2. Introducing the 2020 to 2022 committee members and their roles – Committee

3. An update on Covid-19 guidance and the impact on U3As – David Rose

4. Information about Group activity during lockdown – Siobhan Lee

5. Looking ahead in a changing environment – David Rose

Part 2

We are pleased to have member Bob Gow who will be taking us a walk through:

‘A short history of Bestwood from Royal Hunting Grounds to a Hive of Industry and Commerce’

Bob, as some of you will know, is heavily involved with the restoration and upkeep of the
Bestwood Engine Winding House which is the last remaining part of a vanished colliery and a relic of Victorian industrial engineering. Before all this came Nell Gwynne and Bob, much like Nell, will be revealing all.


This is a Zoom event however if you do not have Zoom, do not like Zoom or have Zoom fatigue then the meeting can be accessed by phone. It is your normal call rate (they are not premium numbers) It allows you to join in and listen to the meeting.

How to access

If you do not have an internet connection you can join the meeting by telephone.
Dial any one of the standard rate numbers below:
0203 901 7895
0131 460 1196
0203 051 2874
0203 481 5237
0203 481 5240
When prompted enter the meeting ID, which is 718 4497 8566, followed by #
When prompted for Participant ID, press #
When prompted for the meeting password, enter 136162, followed by #.
You will then be in the meeting.
To mute / unmute yourself during the meeting press *6

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