Fun with Languages

Well done to the ten brave, hardy, souls that managed to make the March meeting due to snowy weather. While you were experiencing some snow here I was wading through piles in Tromso, Norway. A huge thank you to Liz who held the fort admirably, delivering the work on basic introductions in French and a light hearted quiz. I am reliably informed it was fun!!

Our next meeting continues in French with a crossword and further vocabulary and conversation on Thursday 13th April at 10.30 am in the John Godber Centre Byron suite. Please bring along any French sheets you already have which may be useful, plus the extra I will send out to members in due course.

New members are always welcome. This is basic foreign languages to ‘get by’  when visiting another country on holiday. It is not an in-depth course. If that is what you want there are plenty to access on line, but you usually have to subscribe to them.

We hope to see you in April.

Liz and Ann x


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