Tour of Papplewick Pumping Station

On Friday 15th June we looked at the positive and negative effects of three different types of microorganisms: bacteria, virus and fungi.

We then considered the theory that Europeans conquered and built empires in less developed countries through the use of steel weapons and the effects of introducing local populations to killer infectious diseases spread by micro-organisms for which they had little or no immunity.

After the break Maggie Huckerby gave an interesting and illustrated presentation on ‘what can go wrong with your heart and circulatory system’, Christine Berrill then raised our understanding of Cholesterol and John Tedstone added some points about statins. Thanks to them all.

If anyone has a talk prepared and would like to present it at the September meeting please let me know.

July 20th Meeting

This will be at the Papplewick Pumping Station for a 10.30am tour.

The plan is to meet at their car park between 10am and 10.15am. Some shared lifts have been arranged but, if you need transport, please contact David Rose or John Berrill. As part of our recovery after the visit we are having lunch at The Burntstump Inn.

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