Science Group One

At our meeting on Thursday, 26th September we undertook something very different and challenging. We had as a Group been discussing and researching the impact of climate change, population growth, earth’s resources and the effects of pollution on ourselves and eco systems. Arising out of these discussion, Bob McEwan gave us a talk on the nutritional value of humans eating insects (Entomophagy). He highlighted the cost to the environment in terms of global emissions, land use implications and transportation of our traditional food products. So why not eat insects: after all they have been eating us for years. And over 2 billion people worldwide eat insects.

Crickets, for instance, have far more protein, iron and calcium than chicken, beef and pork, require less cultivable land and less water and feed.

But what do they taste like? After the presentation it was crunch time, literally. We were given the opportunity to taste and try a sample of roasted crickets of various flavours along with two bars resembling normal snack bars. Surprisingly, they all tasted good and received approval. Whether insects will be part of our diet remains to be seen.

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